About Me

Artist Statement

My work explores the weight of cultural identity and traditions as it relates to women of the African diaspora. Focusing on matriarchal ties, it refers to women as the keepers of knowledge and their parallels to the vessel both in practicality and significance. Each body of work explores an aspect of the questions, answers, and best guesses of the blank spaces and both burden and blessing of this knowledge I wrestle and reconcile as a person of Afro-Caribbean descent. In this space I question the commodity of value and explore how its presence works as a force that shapes people and behavior. Through figure, form, surface and texture, each piece encourages dialogue about voices unheard and forgotten.

Artist Bio

Chelsea McMaster is a Ceramic Artist of Afro Caribbean descent. She was raised on the island of Antigua and Barbuda where she earned an AA in graphic design and a BA in Art from Millersville University in Pennsylvania. Now based in Hoboken, New Jersey, Chelsea makes work primarily using coil building and sculpting techniques with low fire clay and traditional finishes. Her work seeks to find ways to represent her oral culture and traditions.